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What Is the Definition of Courtyard

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The traditional Chinese courtyard house (e.B. Siheyuan) is an arrangement of several detached houses around a square. Each house belongs to a different family member, and behind this arrangement, additional houses are created to accommodate other family members if necessary. The Chinese courtyard is a place of privacy and tranquility, almost always with a garden and a body of water. In some cases, houses are built with several courtyards, which increases in privacy as they retreat from the street. Strangers were received in the outermost courtyard, the most intimate being reserved for close friends and family members. A courtyard or courtyard is an enclosed space, often a space surrounded by a building open to the sky. These areas in inns and public buildings were often the main meeting places for certain purposes, leading to other meanings of the court. The two words ”courtyard” and ”courtyard” are derived from the same root, which means an enclosed space.

See courtyard and garden for the relationship of this set of words. A favorite of the king and courtier, its use in the palace and court was just as common. Through a tiny window, I saw naked and undressed people in the yard. He swayed on his heels and walked casually to a nearby fortified courtyard. We are very lucky that the main charge did not start, there were 25 people in the courtyard of the wine bar and another 30 outside in the alley opposite. We would not be here if the bomb had exploded. The central area exposed in a Roman domus was called the atrium. Today, we usually use the term courtyard to refer to such an area, the word atrium being reserved to describe a glazed courtyard. Roman atrium houses were built side by side along the road. These were single-storey houses without windows that absorbed light from the entrance and central atrium. The stove that inhabited the center of the house was moved and the Roman atrium mainly contained a central basin used to collect rainwater, called impluvium. These houses often included a second open-air space, the garden, which was surrounded by Greek-style colonnades and formed a peristyle.

This created a colonnaded walkway around the perimeter of the courtyard, which centuries later influenced monastic structures. Courtyard houses in the Middle East reflect the nomadic influences of the region. Instead of officially naming rooms for cooking, sleeping, etc., these activities have been shifted accordingly throughout the year to adapt to changes in temperature and position of the sun. Often, the flat roofs of these structures were used to sleep in hot weather. In some Islamic cultures, private classes offered the only outdoor space for women to relax without being observed. Convection cooling through transition spaces between multi-course buildings in the Middle East has also been observed. [3] [5] In cities, courtyards offer small private outdoor spaces. Courtyards are often recessed between buildings or hidden behind them. Almost as long as people built houses and buildings, there have been farms – although in the past they were used for animal husbandry, cooking on an open fire and sometimes even sleeping. The word dates back to the 1550s and combines court, from the Latin cohors, ”fenced courtyard” and courtyard, from a Germanic root that also means ”enclosure”. Houses with courtyards are more common in temperate climates, as an open central courtyard can be an important help in cooling the house in hot weather. [3] However, court houses have also been found in harsher climates for centuries.

The comfort that a courtyard offers – air, light, privacy, security and tranquility – are desired features in human apartments almost everywhere. For example, we`ve already written about why the city may have entered into lease agreements with an option to purchase for this building and an eerily similar former Civic Center Plaza, located right across the street from City Hall. In front of the courtyards, open fires burned in a central place of a house, with only a small hole in the ceiling above us, so that smoke could escape. Over time, these small openings were enlarged and eventually led to the development of the open central courtyard as we know it today. Courtyard houses have been designed and built all over the world with many variations. The presidential debate will take place at the Samson Pavilion, which includes a massive steel roof and an 80-foot-high courtyard. I entered the metal doors of an open courtyard full of inmates eagerly awaiting their own visitors. In San Francisco, floor plans for ”marina” style homes often include a central courtyard, a miniature version of an open courtyard that is sometimes covered with glass or translucent material. The central terraces provide natural light in the common areas and space for outdoor potted plants. In Gilgit/Baltistan, Pakistan, farms were traditionally used for public gatherings where village issues were discussed.

These were different from the Jirgahs, which are a tradition of the tribal regions of Pakistan. If there is anyone suspected of entering the yard, then he knows it. The medieval European farmhouse embodies what we now consider to be one of the most archetypal examples of a courtyard house – four buildings arranged around a square courtyard with a steep straw-covered roof. The central courtyard was used to work, collect and sometimes keep small livestock. A raised walkway often ran around two or three sides of the courtyards in the houses. Such structures offered protection and could even be defended. We make sure not to leave fruit or food behind the counter, because when elephants enter, during the period when the wild mango is in season, we receive elephants in the yard and at the reception several times a day. This usually happens from late October to mid-December. I also met a doorman from our apartment complex who sprinted into our central courtyard every night at 7 a.m. for months, carrying an American flag. After our helicopter crashed into the yard, Jimbo and I broke into the house. They discovered that the village inn was a series of small low buildings built on three sides of a courtyard.

Less than a kilometre away, more than 200 people gathered to watch the game in the courtyard of a residential building. A courtyard or courtyard is a circumscribed area, often surrounded by a building or complex open to the sky. .